Whether you are sending out business, academic or commercial communication, it is crucial to ensure that the writing, grammar and spelling is flawless.

There is nothing that distracts from the message of a document more than avoidable mistakes. Lingo Biz’ editing, translation and interpreting services will make sure that your product is the best it can be.



In a multi-lingual world, it is essential to communicate with your clients in their chosen language. Lingo Biz offers translation services that are accurate, on point and professional. We assist with reports and proposals, literary translations, legal documents and any other translations needs you may have.

We have translated for institutions such as SARS, Ornico Media Information, Lapa Publishers and Human & Rossouw.


Although spelling and grammar checkers will identify most mistakes, never assume that the product is flawless. You should always double-check your work or, even better; have it proofread by a SATI accredited professional.

Lingo Biz can edit any written communication from proposals, reports, legal documents, academic papers to press releases and more. We have delivered hundreds of flawless documents to satisfied clients.


Communicating face to face with a client without a shared language is a recipe for disaster. Lingo Biz offers simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in various settings including conferences, meetings, courses and presentations. Our interpreting client include businesses, tertiary institutions, courts and government structures.

We are accredited by the South African Translators Institute (SATI).

The price of additional services is subject to a final quote.

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